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What Makes Songs Popular? It’s All About ‘You’

According to Research, One Word Can Predict a Musical Hit…and You Can Use the Same Word for Impact in Your Sales and Marketing Messages. Marketing professors at Wharton and York University processed thousands of hit songs to determine if there were language patterns that contributed to success. Their results may surprise you and, even better, can...
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The Fit Campaign: Coach Realtors Recruits New Talent

Long Island’s largest independent realtor and the third largest realtor of any type in the huge Nassau-Suffolk marketplace, Coach Realtors, was seeking expansion. The overriding goals to reposition Coach included creating an image upgradeto compete in a high-end marketplace and attracting new talent capable of selling into that lucrative market segment.
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Mindshare Positioning Nets 18% Response For Violin Strings: Connolly & Co.

Connolly & Co. was introducing a new product – violin strings for children. They were easy to play and also sounded true to the original Dominant brand. Connolly reached out to PMG for research, a strategic plan and implementation…and they weren’t disappointed!
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