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The Fit Campaign: Coach Realtors Recruits New Talent


Coach Realtors, Long Island’s largest independent realtor and the third largest realtor of any type in the huge Nassau-Suffolk marketplace, was seeking expansion both territorially and in upscale sales.

A recent consumer survey (also led by PMG) indicated that Coach dominated the middle-income home sales market, but was weak in high-end home sales. Two goals were established to reposition Coach:

  1. Create a significant image upgrade and brand establishment to compete with encroaching national firms in a high-end marketplace.
  2. Attract new talent capable of selling into that desirable and lucrative market segment.

Quick Stats

Client: Coach Realtors
Industry: Real Estate
Tactics: Rebranding, Print Ads


Since upscale home sales were dominated by female salespersons, a series of ads aimed at recruiting new female saleswomen were created. The ideal candidate was either a career professional or a woman returning to the workforce.

The company’s prestigious association with Christie’s Great Estates was emphasized in all branding.



Coach’s identity was reengineered from the logo up and PMG developed “The Right Fit” campaign. To entice potential employees, Coach’s commitment to training, their years in business, private ownership and their technology leadership were stressed. This indicated that Coach had the strength to make employees more successful in an increasingly competitive market and also illustrated Coach’s commitment.

The “Fit” campaign centered graphically around beautiful, reassuring foot imagery. Imagery included ballerina slippers, dynamic high heels, rollerblades and bunny slippers. The understated elegance included softly embossed Coach logos.

Metrics of Success

unique print ads
increase in sales volume
refreshed logo


The campaign successfully elevated Coach and repositioned it as a sophisticated upper echelon field leader that had to be taken seriously.

Plus, recruitment of new talent was extremely successful, generating “A-level” inquiries. Coach was able to position itself against national and local competition. As a result, Coach captured more exclusives, sold more homes, and upscale home sales increased some 40% in the first year alone.

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