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Why PMG?

PMG Strategic, Inc. (PMG) is a client-centric strategic marketing resource with award-winning creative and broad tactical capabilities. As a strategic thought leader dedicated to the proliferation of the client’s business, every PMG program is created without partiality and adheres to the developed strategy, from Positioning and Messaging through Branding.

PMG conceives and implements strategic marketing initiatives for organizations large and small…blue chips and start-ups…domestic and international…public and private…for-profit and not-for-profit. Melding strategies with creative tactical services, PMG attains Marketshare Through Mindshare with proprietary Positioning, Messaging and Branding development. We are proud to have managed client programs with productivity, responsiveness, quality and efficiency.

We Transform Dreams Into Visions

Innovators of the Strategic Marketing Organization

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Seven Reasons to Partner with PMG:

We are realistic. Attaining goals is what counts most. PMG is dedicated to the proliferation of each client’s business with strategic initiatives as well as superior tactical and award-winning creative execution.

We live in the foxhole with our clients. As colleagues, we take ownership and ensure that all initiatives and tactics are true to strategies and never lose sight of ultimate goals.

We understand what ‘budget’ and ‘deadline’ mean. Our services are competitively priced and delivered on schedule.

We level the playing field. The world isn’t flat, but it is broad and varied. Our strategic expertise makes us effective locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We transform dreams into visions. Our SMO services have brought home the bacon for start-ups, blue chips, manufacturers, service organizations and resellers…in hundreds of major and niche markets.

We live up to our name. Our philosophy prizes creativity, stimulates new ideas and embraces technology. It shows in our work and our case histories.

We are trustworthy. All initiatives are completely confidential, proprietary and subject to client NDAs.

Oops! There are actually eight reasons… because we always give something extra. It’s part of our persona and culture.

Marketshare Through Mindshare

The PMG ballerina linebacker graphic image is a visual dichotomy, a true marriage of art and science, and it symbolizes the PMG Brand. It was conceived to save a thousand words. By that we mean that the visual dichotomy explains the difference between an advertising firm and a true Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO). Our singular focus on the proliferation of our clients’ business goals and our ability to serve as a portable, arm’s length, full-service marketing department enables us to develop Marketshare through Mindshare™ in every tactical element we recommend and deploy. PMG is the originator and progenitor of the SMO concept of marketing services.


Awards won by PMG

PMG Originality

There are no cookie cutters in our strategic marketing tool kit. Every strategy, every program, and every tactic is custom-created from our strategic perspective…to deliver measurable results that meet the bottom line goals of our clients.