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Strategic Philosophy

In the end result, PMG’s SMO strategic orientation, as symbolized by the ballerina linebacker iconic imagery, is intended for the efficient attainment of goals. These vary widely in specificity from client to client, business to business, and from situation to situation. PMG sees things differently™, creates differently and deploys differently, all born of a dedicated governing strategy imbued with the finesse of a ballerina and the impact of linebacker…from Identity and Positioning through Messaging and Branding.

  • We Evaluate Your Goals
  • We Establish Your True Position
  • We Isolate Your Identity
  • We Clarify Your Messaging
  • We Articulate Your Brand
  • We Achieve Marketshare Through Mindshare
  • We Transform Your Prospects Into Clients


Positioning: Positioning is the logical foundation of all promotion and outreach…or it should be. PMG’s Positioning services assist clients in determining the most precise and realistic bases for promotion and outreach…before Messaging and Branding efforts begin…thereby assuring the best potential for success. No major branding or sales effort can be successful over time without a distinct, well-honed and well-articulated position.


Identity: In strategic marketing, the word Identity begins with “W”… for who, what, when, where & why…the volcanic criteria of creation that must be rock solid to successfully navigate the minefield that is modern business in a highly competitive world.

Identity is multi not mono, broadband not linear. In PMG’s world, Identity must be applied with laser precision…visually, in logos, color palettes, style guides…verbally, in taglines, sales positions, boilerplates…and virtually, in transferable platforms and translatable languages.

PMG creates the who, what, when, where & why of Identity for you.


Messaging: Messaging is both conduit and content in one, and it carries your values to the target audiences. Messaging is very often the make-or-break tipping point for a campaign or initiative. Those who utilize Messaging well and crystallize their thinking and expression are on the highway to success, while those who come up short have missed the bus.

PMG applies decades of Messaging expertise every time we approach a program or a project. We are experts at conceiving, addressing, distilling, creating, clarifying, articulating, polishing, disseminating, managing and supervising all components of Messaging. That’s a lot of “ings!” Heavy duty past perfect progressive tense! But it underscores the depth of thinking and scope of services involved in all PMG Messaging.


Branding: PMG’s body of Branding work is exceptional and incorporates B2B, B2C and virtually all business models. As an SMO, we do the heavy lifting. Our solutions in industry-specific Branding efforts range from consumer and commercial to high-techs, uber-techs and non-techs…from defense, military and government to public services and private companies…for profit and not-for-profits.

Our Branding expertise is viable at all levels…OEMs, distributors, retailers, resellers, professional services, and compliance organizations…international and domestic.

We hold that Branding and Brand Extension are strategic marketing concepts that are much quoted, often nebulous, and in reality…almost always misunderstood. PMG’s Branding is defined as an ultimate delineating presence that:

  • Establishes viable selling platforms and rationales
  • Differentiates clients/products/services from competitors
  • Grows target audience loyalty
  • Proliferates word-of-mouth referrals and new business opportunities
  • Creates Marketshare Through Mindshare™ awareness
  • Provides guidelines for sales and marketing personnel to follow
  • Transforms interest into sales and turns prospects into customers