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ACLD launches E-commerce Brand and Website – Candleworks!

PMG client and non-profit, Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (ACLD) recently announced the launch of its new employment opportunity and business, Candleworks. The business was developed by ACLD for adults with autism, learning and developmental disabilities to gain meaningful employment and economic self-sufficiency, and to make great quality candles to share with the community. Employees with differing abilities work together in every facet of the Candleworks operation, including research & development of fragrances, melting and mixing fragrance blends, hand pouring each candle or wax melt, processing orders, packaging products and shipping to customers.

The mission of Candleworks is to enrich the lives of adults with learning and developmental disabilities by connecting them with fulfilling careers creating hand-crafted scented candles whose beauty and origin will inspire you.

PMG worked with Candleworks to develop candle and wax melt label designs and organize imagery for the Candleworks e-commerce website. Built using Shopify, PMG created an online platform to share the Candleworks story and to showcase candles, wax melts and other products for purchase.

The website currently has four scents available year-round: Calm (lavender, sage, cedar and cypress); Dream (strawberry, vanilla and freesia); Cozy (bergamot, amber and dark musk); and Refresh (red currant, lemon peel and peppermint). There are also three limited-edition scents available: Beautiful (rose, carnation and powder); Joy (citrus, mint and orange peel); and Beach Day (coconut, sandalwood and tonka bean). All scents are available as candles or as wax melts.

To learn more about Candleworks or to purchase candles, wax melts and warmers, visit www.candleworks.org.

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