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Working From Home – Top 5

By now you’ve read more than your share of articles about working from home – How to stay motivated? How to be productive? How to keep on a schedule? How to limit ‘at home’ distractions?

During our time at home, we’ve certainly learned a lot by working remotely:

We’ve learned…the names of our clients’ pets.

From dogs barking in the background of a conference call, or the kitty cat that wants to be part of the video call, we’ve gotten to know many of our clients’ pets pretty well over the past few weeks. Special shout out to Kiki, Smokey and Rex!

We’ve learned…that we don’t need to rely on paper.

We pride ourselves on being a mostly digital office. Now that many of us are not sharing hard copies, we’ve realized there are many more things that can be done digitally than we previously thought.

We’ve learned…with creative, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Strategic Marketing is not always centered around creativity, yet ad campaigns, radio jingles, web designs and logos are tactics that are typically part of a program. Working independently helped us recognize that creativity is truly a team effort. Everyone has their own creative spirit yet group conversations help us bring out the best ideas. Team sessions are imperative so we video chat on a regular basis to keep those creative juices flowing.
Here’s a screenshot of our last ‘Brady Bunch-inspired’ brainstorming session!!

We’ve learned…we miss our commutes, so we started new habits.

Driving to and from the office always seemed like a chore – Long Island traffic is aggravating! Yet we’ve learned that the commute also provides a transition from work and home. It’s good to take a mental break! Some of us have gone on a relaxing drive. Others have changed into more comfy clothes. And some of us have been going on long walks, up to five miles a day.

We’ve learned…as much as we miss being in the office, we still love to ‘do’ the work.

You know what they say, ‘if you love what you do, then you won’t work a day in your life.’ We love what we do! We love working and helping our clients. We love being problem solvers… solution providers… creative resources… amateur therapists! We love being on deadline and love the challenges that come with what we do every day. Our work is distinctly tied to our identities and we wouldn’t want it any other way!
About the author

Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. (PMG) pioneered the concept of a Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO) in 1977 as a client-centric strategic marketing resource with broad tactical capabilities. As a strategic thought leader dedicated to the proliferation of the client’s business, every PMG program and project is created without partiality and adheres to the developed strategy, from Positioning and Messaging through Branding.

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3 Responses
  1. Hi guys,
    This is so awesome, this obviously took a lot to put together and it is GREAT!!! All the topics you touch on are so true. I think this situation we’re all in is such a wake up call for us all. You nailed it! Hope everyone is good and healthy.

    Be safe!