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What’s in a Logo?

Well, in most instances it’s the first visual impression someone will make of a business’ brand and identity.  Remember though, a logo is not one’s identity, and not all logos need to be completely comprehensive in nature. Yet they need to manifest into all representational branding vehicles…from a business card…to billboards…to brochures…to digital marketing.

For Frisch Financial Group, creating a personal connection with their clients is part of their raison d’etre, and has been the driving principle behind one of Long Island’s leading financial wealth management firms for nearly 25 years.

As part of PMG’s Essential Review and Strategic Assessment of the firm, we recognized quickly that we needed to begin at the core of their business and start with a new identity, including a new logo that best represents the brand.

The new Frisch Financial Logo, as exemplified by a dramatic bridge and on-target theme “Your Bridge To Financial Independence,” reflecting the firm’s personalized approach, connecting with people to provide education and sound financial guidance. The bridge creatively shaped as an ‘F’ for Frisch, becomes the starting point of achieving long-term financial wellness…connecting Frisch with clients and bridging clients to their life goals.

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Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. (PMG) pioneered the concept of a Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO) in 1977 as a client-centric strategic marketing resource with broad tactical capabilities. As a strategic thought leader dedicated to the proliferation of the client’s business, every PMG program and project is created without partiality and adheres to the developed strategy, from Positioning and Messaging through Branding.

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