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Creating a 30-year old Identity and Developing a Voice


What do you do when a thirty-year old organization needs identity? If it’s a venerable institution like the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA), you proceed cautiously. NSWCA is comprised of elected commissioners from 21 Long Island water districts. It has promoted environmental excellence and best practices for over 30 years. They never needed to maintain a public face and certainly never needed to market. Then suddenly they found themselves in a media-crazy world where news, real and imagined, was instantaneous, and they had no identity, no position and no voice. They needed professional assistance, and PMG was chosen to help establish their identity.

Quick Stats

Client: Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association
Industry: Public Water Supplier
Representing: 850,000+ Long Island Residents


The water districts produce water from one of the world’s greatest underground aquifer systems, which contains an estimated 90 trillion gallons of fresh water. With rising consciousness over the single source water supply used by millions of people on Long Island, conservation and sustainability quickly elevated to the paramount concerns of NSWCA. How do you convey capabilities and accomplishments when you have never had to market before? Carefully…with a phased step-by-step strategic program.


PMG assisted NSWCA in identifying and refining their goals, keeping focus on the needs of the public and above the ever-present arena of politics. The outreach began with a fact-based public information program and public relations, which included not merely federal, state and local compliance, but also dealt with decades of mankind’s abuses. The campaign was plain-speak and hyper-local, featuring elected officials speaking to their public in easily understood terms.

For identity, PMG designed a logo, not an easy feat in a huge field like the water industry. Within those confines, PMG excelled with a graceful design, and the identity spread (as a great Branding element should) to all graphic uses. PMG then conceived, designed and built the organization’s first website (www.nswcawater.org),which serves as an useful public information portal.

Metrics of Success

Releases & Blurbs
Media Pick Ups
Web Page Views


The NSWCA logo is recognized throughout the industry. The website rose to a position of industry leadership. Opinion pieces have appeared in major local, regional and water industry publications. The issued releases and blurbs have received over 1,000 pick ups, having been published in both print and online media, and attracting local TV and radio coverage.

NSWCA is recognized as a thought leader in circles that go beyond water production to include engineering, architecture and testing arenas. The strategic positioning and identity program was accomplished on a modest budget and phased over a period of time…a lot like producing the plentiful supply of high-quality water that the 21 Long Island member districts are known for!

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