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And PMG’s Favorite Color is….

The favorite crayon color of most Americans is blue, and in honor of National Crayon Day on March 31, we decided to see how the PMG team’s color preferences stack up against the average American. Here are the replies:

Teresa – Ha! Cerulean Blue is my pick! It reminds me of the waters and makes me think of travel.

Gary – While playing basketball for Salisbury University, my team had a saying in our locker room that we bleed Maroon and we’ll leave everything out on the court. SU had the best uniforms in the Capital Athletic Conference; Dark Maroon with Gold numbers and trim. They were pretty bad-ass for sure! These colors still resonate with me today and I even painted my living room ‘Cottage Red,’ which translates to Maroon.

AJ – For me it was never about what crayons did on the paper but what they looked like together in the box. My eye would always go to Orange because it seemed to glow in the box around other darker colors.

Susi – For me it will always be the colours of my childhood in Fiji: Turquoise Blue and Cerulean Blue ­ the water colours in the lagoons! The only colours water should be.

Dan – Maximum Red, it reminds me of one of my favorite Marvel villains, Carnage.

Jamie – Vivid Violet! My granddaughter’s namesake!

Ross – Periwinkle (I like the color AND the name) and Burnt Umber (I think I just like the name, which is odd, I know).

Laurie – The feel-good colors for me are Purple Heart (powerful, yet loving), Turquoise Blue (stone from the Earth, a connection to nature) and Yellow-Orange (a warm setting sun hitting your smiling face, not a worry in the world).

Christina – I didn’t even need to think about it. Cerulean Blue all the way! I always favored that crayon as a kid and now it just makes me think of tropical waters. Sigh…to travel again!

Jess – I can’t pick just one color, I love them all! So I guess my favorite color is Rainbow. All my crayon drawings as a kid were of rainbows (or rainbow-colored balloons!).

National Crayon Day is March 31, so get out that box of crayons and do a little coloring to celebrate.

Seven used colored vax crayons form rainbow

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