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World Wide Web Day

In the spirit of World Wide Web Day, below are a few related hyperlinks: 

  • World Wide Web day is celebrated August 1 every year.
  • In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, while working at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, had the idea to communicate with his co-workers via hyperlinks. Now, more than 30 years later, this web of interconnected links has exploded into a mainstream means of interaction, transaction and communication, offering undreamt of opportunities that would have been unfathomable just a few generations ago.
  • At the start of 1993, there were roughly 50 servers in the entire world. In the same year that number had grown to more than 500 servers!
  • Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Check out the Wayback Machine which allows users to go “back in time” and see what websites looked like in the past.
  • The abbreviation “www” has three times as many syllables as “world wide web.”  That’s a pretty inefficient abbreviation!

If you feel like joining the world wide web conversation on social media, the hashtag is #WideWebDay.

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