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Today’s The Day

Today is the day.  Is it a day that will live in infamy?  No that’s Pearl Harbor Day, December 7.  Or is it a day when the whole country will be celebrating?  No that’s usually July 4th, New Year’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday!  Nor is today the day because in 1895 Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays,

No, today’s the day to get out the door, get to the polls and vote.  Today’s the day to be heard, to put your two cents in.  After all the hubbub, the media hype, after all the name calling, fact finding (true and false) and allegations, it’s time to pick the people you want to lead this country national and locally.  Instead of the old wisecrack “vote early and vote often”,  please “vote early and vote wisely!”

And enjoy the day even if your ship doesn’t come in.

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