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5 Tips to Getting the Most out of Email and Customer Relations Marketing (CRM) Campaigns

In businesses today staying top of mind with your client is an essential part of success in the sales cycle.  Reaching out and touching your clients as part of your relationship management used to be a lot more time consuming, as well as expensive. But it remains an important part of your relationship.

While Email campaigns are not the only tactical item used in CRM, they are currently the most popular means of reaching out and touching someone.  Email is cheaper and easier than direct mail or phone calls, as well as more targeted than your social media platform.

But do you know what?  If there is no value or strategy to an email campaign, there is very little return on effort.  On average, less than 12% of emails received through opt-in campaigns are opened*– not the kind of return on effort most would consider successful.

Currently, PMG gets a nearly 40% opening rate on email campaigns for its clients.  Here are the 5 reasons why.

1.  Content matters.
When pushing message out to a target audience we make certain the message has value…TO THEM.   Value can range from timely and topical content, to sale information, incentives and even humor or inspiration.

2.  Integration.
Be fair to all of the communication vehicles.  Integrating other forms of media, such as direct mail, premiums, social platforms, etc. helps invigorate your outreach conduit.  It is good to reach your consumers in more than one place and with messaging that also creates awareness of your outreach vehicles.

3.  Don’t be the pesky friend.
No matter what you are saying, selling or giving away, if you communicate too often it is likely you will find your subscribers opting-out, particularly in the case of emails.  Let them know you are there for them, but don’t smother them.

4.   Make certain it works.
Want to launch a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program using the latest technology?  If your consumers can’t read it because it does not function properly across all platforms, your effort to foster the relationship isn’t merely unsuccessful…it may have just harmed the relationship.

5.   Measure and be flexible.
Measure campaigns and assess content.  What content gets the most response?  What content is shared?  What content causes an increase in opt-out rates?  Use this information when planning future communication.

6.  Work with a marketing agency.
Just because we live in a do-it-yourself society, does not mean that we should just do it ourselves.  Without proper strategy, without strong vision and direction, a CRM campaign can harm your business.  It can create a negative return in addition to occupying your effort and time.

Professional results require professional help…call PMG.

*Source:  Mailermailer.com, Open Rate, Published July 2011

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