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June 2020, Volume 16, No. 2 – Marketshare Through Mindshare (PMG’s MTM)

Volume 16, Number 2

Working from home?

A brave new world dawned with the advent of the coronavirus, and businesses everywhere are adapting. Shortages of goods, real and imagined, and directives to stay home have flattened the curve, and working from home is a daily reality for millions. Here are a dozen multiple choice questions related to the topic which you might find interesting.

Need a microphone for working at home?  Keep trying to get delivery.

1. The best-selling microphone brand for working at home (if you can get delivery!) is:
a. Sennheiser
c. Audio-Technica
d. Blue Yeti

2. According to Business News Daily, most businesses choose video conferencing systems based on:
a. Quick learning curve
b. Affordable pricing
c. Ability to record meetings
d. Number of participants

3. An independent source recently rated the best overall video conferencing services. Number one was:
a. Zoom
b. Go To Meeting
c. Ring Central
d. Skype for Business

4. The same survey selected the best cloud collaboration solution. It was:
a. Zoom
b. Go To Meeting
c. Ring Central
d. WebEx

5. A new survey indicated that the number one reason why businesses selected video conferencing resources was:
a. To strengthen connections with team members
b. To establish/improve customer relations
c. As a back up in case workers are to continue to work from home
d. Multi-window resemblance to old Brady Bunch TV intro

6. Of the top four best practices for remote workers, the practice voted most important was:
a. Following company policies to the letter
b. Forbidding family members from using work devices
c. Getting antivirus software to secure company files
d. Keeping personal workspace secure

Printing documents at home. More paper, more toner, more productivity.

7. The best selling home printer is:
a. Canon Pixma TS9120
b. HP LaserJet Pro
c. Epson WorkForce WF
d. Kyocera Ecosys

8. Twenty years ago, experts predicted that we would be living in a paperless society, but instead the use of paper has increased by___.
a. 48%
b. 67%
c. 89%
d. 125%

9. Of all harvested trees, over ___ of them are used for papermaking.
a. 18%
b. 35%
c. 42%
d. 49%

10. The country that uses the most paper, over 113 million metric tons, is:
a. China
b. USA
d. Japan

11. The country that manufactures the most paper is:
a. Brazil
b. Canada
c. China
d. Germany

Speaking of shortages…

12. The top manufacturer of toilet paper is:
a. Procter & Gamble
b. Kimberly Clark
c. Georgia-Pacific
d. Weyerhaeuser


1. d, 2. a, 3. a, 4. d, 5. a, 6. c, 7. a, 8. d, 9. b, 10. a, 11. c, 12. a