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Electricity out? Top 10 things that are keeping us busy during the power outage

According to the most recent updates, almost 2 million people in the tristate area have lost electricity due to the powerful storm Isaias. Being suddenly without power reminds us how much we take it for granted and how many things in our everyday lives need electricity.

Here are the weird things we found ourselves doing with the lights out…

  1. Sitting in the car with the engine running to talk on the phone. Gotta keep that cell phone charged.
  2. Inventing creative dinner ideas based on what hasn’t spoiled yet in the fridge. It’s like being a contestant on an episode of Chopped.
  3. Walking into a room and instinctively switching on the light…even though you know it won’t work.
  4. Playing a board game with family and friends. If you have Monopoly, just make sure the electric company is doing their job!
  5. Searching through all your camping gear to find the emergency lantern and propane stove. They’ve gotta be here somewhere.
  6. Drinking warm beer. It’s not that bad.
  7. Realizing that you really are addicted to that morning cup of coffee. 8am coffee run to Dunkin!
  8. Getting up and being active. A power outage could be a sign telling you to finally start that new home workout routine you’ve been ditching to binge on Netflix.
  9. Finally cleaning your house. You might be too old for your mother to tell you to do it, but Mother Nature has sent her message loud and clear.
  10. Reading through that pile of old magazines and newspapers that have been piling up. Or maybe crumpling them up to use as kindling for the fire pit in the backyard!

Hopefully everyone is safe and the power gets restored quickly!

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