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National Boss’ Day

Jamie Stanco

October 16 is National Boss’ Day, and it also happens to be National Dictionary Day.

So, in honor of Jamie Stanco, our boss and the founder of PMG (…and our resident logophile), here are some of his favorite words and their definitions so you don’t need to look them up in the dictionary…

  • extant – in existence; not destroyed or lost
  • penultimate – next to the last
  • bloviate – to speak pompously
  • propitiate – to make favorably inclined; appease
  • prevaricate – to speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression
  • mellifluous – sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding
  • inimical – adverse in tendency or effect; unfavorable
  • loquacious – talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative
  • ephemeral – lasting a very short time; short-lived
  • apocryphal – of doubtful authorship or authenticity

Jamie Stanco

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