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LCAC Launches New Brand and Communications Program

Levittown Community Action Coalition (LCAC), a prevention coalition with a mission to create a safe, healthy, and secure community where fewer lives are impacted by addiction, announces the launch of their new brand and communications program.

The communications program, strategized and designed by PMG, includes a new visual identity and logo which embodies the spirit of the Levittown community; individuals and families coming together to support the mission of the local prevention coalition.

LCAC’s new and engaging website (www.lcacoalition.org) provides community members with access to local news and events regarding prevention, and information on topics such as underage drinking, marijuana use and the non-medical use of opioids. The site features resources to bring families in the Levittown and surrounding areas facts regarding the risks associated with various substances, as well as steps to ensure a healthier community.

In addition, tool kits filled with prevention information and guides will help make it easier and encourage parents and youth to have open dialog about the dangers of particular substances and how to cope with peer pressure. The integration of these support vehicles elevates the LCAC brand as the coalition expands its reach throughout the Levittown community.

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