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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and here are some fun Halloween facts to get you in the spirit:

  • Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the US with Americans spending over $100 per person each year on candy, decorations and costumes.
  • The state of Illinois is the largest grower of pumpkins in the US – producing more than 500 million pounds each year!
  • New York City throws the largest Halloween parade in the US with more than 2 million spectators and thousands of participants.
  • The five most popular kid costumes in 2021 were Spiderman, Princess, Batman, Superhero and Witch, while the five most popular adult costumes in 2021 were Witch, Vampire, Ghost, Cat and Pirate, and the five most popular pet costumes in 2021 were Pumpkin, Hot Dog, Superhero, Cat and Bumblebee.
  • Candy corn ranks as one of the most hated candies at Halloween, but oddly it is the most widely produced with over 35 million pounds made each year!
Halloween Party Card – Pumpkins And Skeleton In Graveyard At Night With Wooden Board

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