Here are a few pertinent comments from our clients and the media about Progressive Marketing Group, Inc.

All I can say is thank you. Sales are up, our position to our customers has never been clearer. PMG really is the ideal adjunct to my marketing department. My Marketing Manager wasn’t convinced that the two organizations could interact so seamlessly. As you know, she’s now your biggest fan, with maybe me excepted. Progressive Marketing has made the difference. Thank you for providing the expertise and the dedication, and for becoming part of our organization.

- MM, Long-Island based distributor

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PMG demonstrates that they understand what business is all about. They are well organized and keep a sharp eye on the bottom line but realize that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks your business. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as they are, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency.

PMG is always available for new challenges; they have an excellent understanding of what’s happening within the local community, and they strive to grow their client’s business further.

- SA, a leading metropolitan NY media group

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In 20+ years of working with marketing agencies, PMG distinguished itself by giving me the strategy, quality and resources of a big firm while providing the creativity, responsiveness and turnaround of a boutique.

PMG understands my business – not just our markets – but more importantly the culture, values and internal operating idiosyncrasies – critically important to effectively managing a marketing program in a corporate committee setting.  
From the start, PMG was a seamless part of my global marketing team –immediately responding to requests and providing insight into related marketing activities to avoid duplication, control costs and get the best solution for our needs.

PMG’s account management is a truly distinctive feature of their service, and it is embedded at every level of their organization.

Acting as a part of my marketing team, PMG used the power of their longstanding vendor relationships to give us the best quality at the best price – something I would expect from any member of my team – but a truly amazing characteristic from an outside agency.   And PMG demonstrated this on a daily basis.
PMG’s creative process was responsive to our unique internal review process by giving us the opportunity to explore a number of creative themes, listening and integrating suggestions and ultimately guiding us to a visually stunning, textually distinctive and functionally effective result that transcended all of our marketing collateral and became an integral part of our branding.  As I think about it, PMG lives up to their promise as they did “see things differently” – they saw things through my eyes - their client’s eyes - and that makes them the best partner for success.

- JG, international technical services firm  

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I had the good fortune of meeting with Mr. Jamie Stanco and Mr. Gary Cucchi, two key principals of PMG, back in early 2004. I was a bit apprehensive and even skeptical in meeting with marketing companies, but it was necessary to tackle the huge task that was then before me. Within the first five minutes of meeting with PMG I knew they were the company I wanted on our side...and that was after meeting with other representatives from other marketing firms.  I can now say with all the confidence in the world, PMG understood my vision and took the time and had the knowledge and experience to understand the needs of the company as a whole. It was they who were not only thinking about our immediate needs, but our needs in the future.

Progressive Marketing Group is made up of people with diverse backgrounds who are extremely hard working, but perhaps the most important thing is that they truly care about their customers and it shows in everything they do.

- FM, a renowned luxury hotel

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Our partnership with Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. (PMG) began when I interviewed several marketing firms to provide their expertise in launching a brand new Board of Directors with a revised mission plan. We were impressed with PMG’s presentation demonstrating their creative ideas and strategic planning, and it has been a fruitful relationship ever since.

PMG has assisted in developing a clear message and brand awareness. After collaborating with many of the professional staff at PMG, we successfully launched our award-winning website. Our services are clearly defined within the site and our goals of enhanced awareness and promotion of quality healthcare is supported by our monthly statistics measuring the traffic.  PMG more than met our expectations and delivered all components on time and within budget. PMG hit a home run for us.

- MC, a leading provider of healthcare services

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PMG embedded itself in our culture, goals and vision. I have been, and continue to be, absolutely overwhelmed by their genuine interest in my company, its operations and its desired market position. In meetings, it was refreshing to listen to a team of industry experts renewing my excitement in a business that I started.  PMG has an ostensibly endless flow of ideas that are at the same time focused and deliberate in their scope – ideas that I expect to be listening to and implementing for a long time to come.

To the entire PMG team, my sincerest “thank you!!”

- RM, industry leading parcel management auditing firm

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I have had the pleasure of working with Progressive Marketing Group in Melville for many years. They are both responsible and responsive and have never missed a deadline for any of their clients.

We have developed a strong personal relationship based on the desire to represent their clients in the most professional manner and to act in their best interests. They typically go over and above the norm on behalf of their clients, and the agency certainly knows our target geographies and understands our target audiences extremely well.

- VS, NY area media leader

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For the past 25 years, we have utilized the services of the Progressive Marketing Group. Our business relationship has increased with time to the point where it can be best viewed as a partnership. Clearly, PMG has taken “ownership” in its attempt to market our services in the absolute best light.  Whether it has been printed media, website construction or descriptive literature generation, PMG has always positioned our company as the leader it is. Our printed media ads have always been recognized as “cutting edge” for our industry, and we have won several industry awards for them.

Timeliness, creative, affordable, attention to detail and genuine concern are all words and phrases that I would use to describe PMG and our relationship with them. Simply put, they make us look great, they do it on time and they do it within budget!

-WP, industry leading independent testing laboratory

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We would like to commend PMG on your rapid response and cooperation during the water supply emergency we experienced in July. Your support and knowledge helped get the message out to our constituents and ratepayers as fast as possible.  We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff for giving up time from your families during the holiday weekend and the dedication you showed.

-  Board of Commissioners, public water utility

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With PMG’s guidance, we embarked on a strategic marketing program that utilized customer-centric positioning tactics and promotions that contributed directly to the growth of our business. The tactical program that delivered these results included print media advertising, publicity, monographs, sales presentations, direct mail and other elements. Let me summarize:

As a veteran in marketing management, I can say without hesitation that PMG has contributed to our sales growth. During PMG’s tenure, our market share has continued to climb versus well-entrenched competition, and our revenues have increased 10%-12% annually... double to triple the industry standard.

- BG, international healthcare and optics leader

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Is it possible that a company can be strategic, work across a continent and dovetail perfectly with a strong internal marketing department?  Yes it is, if you “see things differently” and your name is Progressive Marketing Group.  This is no ordinary, run of the mill marketing company.  They are the original SMO with the smarts, the savvy and the personal interest.  They’re honorable and their marketing insight and advertising campaign made the difference between coming close to the numbers we sought and dwarfing them!  Thanks to all of you at PMG!

- BW, California institution of higher learning

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Based in Melville, Long Island, New York, USA, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. originated and pioneered the concept of the Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO). Our proprietary strategic solutions are based on Positioning, Messaging and Branding. We design and produce tactical solutions as a means to attain business goals. Our solutions may include advertising, identity and logo development, collateral, newsletters and enewletters, email and direct mail, multimedia, events and exhibits, website design and development, mobile marketing, mobile sites, mobile apps, Flash design and animation, public relations, search engine optimization...and more. To find out how our SMO services can help you reach your business goals and help your bottom line, call PMG at 631-756-7160 or email us at info@pmgstrategic.com.

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