Jingle All The Way

Well, it’s a little early for Christmas but never too early for jingle bells or in this case, just jingles. Jingles are often overlooked as effective marketing messages, but surveys show they can last almost indefinitely. In addition to TV and radio, they’re used online, in email and in multimedia. Why? Because they work. This issue features some well known jingles. See which ones you recall. Enjoy!

1. Which old jingle (circa 1959) has returned to TV screens in several languages in 2016?
a. Mr. Clean
b. I’m a Toys “R” Us Kid
c. Armour Hot Dogs
d. McDonald’s (You Deserve a Break Today)

2. Which 1990s jingle was voted #1 in memorability in a recent poll?
a. Kit Kat: Give me a break...
b. Chili’s Baby Back Ribs: I want my baby back... (performed by *NSync)
c. Folgers Coffee: The best part of waking up...
d. Tums: Tum Tum Tum Tum Tum!

3. Which tune was recently voted the best song used in advertising today?
a. Apple: Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
b. Volkswagen: The Clapping Song
c. United Airlines: Rhapsody in Blue
d. Vodaphone: Bohemian Like You


4. Which jingle was recently voted the best all-time TV slogan?
(There’s no accounting for taste!)
a. Meow Mix: Meow meow meow...
b. McDonald’s: Two all beef patties...
c. Coca Cola: I’d like to teach the world to sing...
d. Folgers Coffee: The best part of waking up...

5. Which old 1960s TV show recently won the Me Madness Tournament on MeTV?
a. The Andy Griffith Show
b. Mister Ed
c. Star Trek
d. The Twilight Zone

6. This show was recently voted “the best written TV show of all time:”
a. The West Wing
b. The Sopranos
c. NYPD Blue
d. Cheers

7. Vinyl record sales are riding a 26-year high. The best-selling previously unissued vinyl record of 2016 is:
a. Adele: 25
b. David Bowie: Blackstar
c. Guardians of the Galaxy: Soundtrack
d. The Beta Blockers: A Lot of Road Left To Go

8. The best-selling previously issued vinyl record in 2016 is:
a. The Beatles: White Album
b. Bob Marley: Legend
c. Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
d. Amy Winehouse: Back To Black

9. By 2015, annual U.S. vinyl album sales had approached:
a. 1.5 million
b. 4.5 million
c. 9.0 million
d. 14.5 million

10. The music genre that accounted for 68% of all vinyl albums
sold last year is:

a. Classical
b. Country
c. Jazz
d. Rock

11. The most frequently searched keyword of all is:
a. Restaurants
b. Translator
c. Weather
d. Maps

12. Measured in page views and unique site users, the most frequently accessed website in Japan is:
a. Yahoo! Japan (yahoo.co.jp)
b. Google Japan (google.co.jp)
c. FC2 Portal (fc2.com)
d. AmazonJapan (amazon.co.jp)

13. Measured in page views and unique site users, the most frequently accessed website in China is:
a. Yahoo! China (cn.yahoo.com)
b. Google China (google.cn)
c. MSU (china.isp.msu.edu)
d. Baidu.com (baidu.com)

14. Measured in page views and unique site users, the most frequently accessed website in India is:
a. Yahoo! India (yahoo.co.in)
b. Google India (google.co.in)
c. YouTube (youtube.com)
d. Bing India (bing.co.in)

15. The most frequently visted banking website belongs to:
a. Bank of Japan
b. Barclays
c. Chase Bank
d. Citibank

16. The most frequently accessed business website is:
a. Yahoo! Finance
b. Forbes
c. CNNMoney
d. MarketWatch


The NSWCA (Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association) is celebrating its 35th anniversary. It was founded in 1981 to promote environmental excellence and to maintain the highest standards of water quality, supply and distribution on behalf of consumers. The organization continually strives to fulfill its mission for resource, economic and organizational sustainability. Congratulations on a job well done!

Salesmaster Flooring Solutions has been one of the flooring industry’s premier distributors since 1961. The company has announced an expanded partnership with Mannington Mills, Inc. (Salem, NJ) and now distributes the leading Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) and Premium Visual Tile (PVT) throughout New York State and New England.

New York State Congressman Lee Zeldin recently visited Retlif Headquarters (Ronkonkoma, NY) and received a full tour of the facilities including the EMC/EMI and ESS Environmental laboratories. Mr. Zeldin’s visit echoed a recent visit of U.S. Congressman Patrick Meehan to Retlif Pennsylvania.

Also...Congratulations to the PMG staff as our paper conservation effort has reached 60,000+ pages!!!